Lexington Family Dentist Launches New Website With Video – Marketwired (press release)

Marketwired (press release)
Lexington Family Dentist Launches New Website With Video
Marketwired (press release)
LEXINGTON, KY–(Marketwired – November 17, 2015) – Dr. Patricia Takacs, who operates three comprehensive family dental offices in Lexington, recently unveiled a new website with state-of-the-art features, videos and easy scheduling options. Dr. Takacs …
Casselberry Dentist Develops New, State-of-the-Art WebsiteSYS-CON Media (press release)

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A Business In Dentistry; Building Your Practice


Most dentists find themselves reviewing their careers like other professionals. While some dentists find contentment working for other health professionals or groups, other dentists seek another goal; they want to own a business in dentistry. However building a private practice is no just a matter of knowing oral health. It also encompasses knowledge of running an office with staff, which in turn requires good staff to help work with patients. Some staff duties involve making dental appointments for health treatments and taking telephone calls. Some dentists hire office staff to qualified managers to oversee their clerical staffing concerns.

Owning a business in dentistry requires an understanding of basic financial matters, too. Basic financial matters can begin with knowing about patient bills every month. As an example, dentists must know when bills go out to patients. Once the patients pay their bills, records get updates to mark payments. Likewise, dental supply company owners submit their invoices for payment. After working their patients, few dentists have the time to work on their financials paperwork. On average, handling the basic financial matters requires assistance from non-clerical staff. When needed, dentists can hire managers who have strong backgrounds in financial concerns, including paying suppliers.

Owners of a business in dentistry work on advertising as well. Advertising helps the dentists obtain new patients. For example, when patients move to another state. The dentist must have new patients to replace the former patients, otherwise the health care professional can see a decline in their dental practice revenues. Dental business owners who open a new place must advertise to let the neighborhood know the business is available for new patients. A smart dentist will make advertising a regular part of their business. Dentists should think of the advertising as an investment rather than an expense.

Depending on their financial situation, some dentists who have their own business obtain outside help. Their outside help does not always mean long-term professional assistance. As an example, they can hire outside help when they seek additional financing. They can require financing to upgrade their waiting room. Working with a consultant can make a difference in getting the loan. The consultant can help in different ways, including making suggestions for a business plan.

Owning a business in dentistry does not mean always working alone. Other business professionals can help dentists reach their goals without duress. As with other businesses, healthcare professionals can also find good support lasting for only a few weeks.

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